Diploma CAT Model Question Papers

Diploma CAT Model Question Papers

Dear Students

We have added Diploma CAT Model Question Papers for Mechanical Department II year and III Year. You can Download Diploma CAT Model Question Papers as PDF

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The Following Subjects Question papers are added. You can download it as PDF

For Second Year

1.Strength of Materials

2. Manufacturing technology 1

3. Measurements and Metrology

4. Thermal Engineering 1

For Third Year

1.Design of Machine Elements

2. Thermal Engineering II

3. Computer Integrated Manufacturing

From the above Subjects Strength of Materials, Thermal Engineering 1 are considered as tough subject

About Strength of Materials

Day by day, engineering and technology experience tremendous growth. Design plays a major role in developing engineering and technology. Strength of material is backbone for design. The strength of material deals generally with the behaviour of objects, when they are subject to actions of forces. Evaluations derived from these basic fields provide the tools for investigation of mechanical structure.

Text Books:

  1. Strength of Materials, R. S. Khurmi, S.Chand & Co., Ram Nagar, New Delhi.
  2. Strength of Materials, S. Ramamrutham, 15 Edn 2004, DhanpatRai Pub. Co., New Delhi.

About Thermal Engineering 1

In industry, the mechanical engineers are supposed to operate and maintain thermal equipment. This course will provide the basic knowledge of thermal engineering which will function as foundation in applications in major fields of mechanical engineering and technology notably in steam and nuclear power plants. This course would develop knowledge and skills related to boilers, boiler mountings and accessories, compressors, heat exchangers, steam turbines etc. This course is thus very important for mechanical engineers

Diploma CAT 1 Model Question Papers

Strength of Materials Question Paper
Manufacturing Technology 1 Question Paper
Measurements and MetrologyQuestion Paper
Thermal Engineering 1Question Paper
Design of Machine ElementsQuestion Paper

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