Diploma Study Materials PDF

Diploma Study Materials PDF

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Welcome to Kalvi Info, In this segmant we have listed Important Questions for the upcoming board examinations. We take more care while preparing this important questions and We point out the most important questions and Highlighted it.

The folllowing Subjects were added

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II Year Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

  • Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Power
  • Manufactuirng Technology 2
  • Electrical Drives and Control
  • Production and Quality Management

III Year Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

  • Industrial Engineering and Management
  • E – Vehicle Technology and Policy

II Year Diploma Mechanical Engineering 

Fluid Mechanics Important Questions – PDF

Manufacturing Technology 2 Important Questions – PDF

Electrical Drives and Control – PDF 

Production and Quality Management PDF

Diploma Study Materials PDF
Diploma Study Materials PDF

How to get more marks in Diploma Semester Examination?

* You must have to score more marks than your previous exams and make yourself stronger with every unit test and pre-boards.

* Last 3 months plays an important role in deciding the final percentage of your board examination, so use these last 3 months in a very intelligent and logical way, by creating a proper time management and giving proper time to every subject.

* At very first complete your Course Books like Text book (for TamilNadu board) this will help you to get an idea about the topics and important questions. After that you should read out the reference books.

* While preparing for board exam in last 3 months, maintain a notebook in which you should make the sort notes, and revise them each day while moving ahead with new topics. This will help you a lot to retain the previous topics you have read for a longer time.

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* (BEST ONE) In last 3 months disconnect yourself from each and every social activity like facebook, whatsapp, friends, girlfriends etc)

Education is a very important part of human life. It enables us to have a qualitative and happy life. It helps us to gain a knowledge-oriented, valued, skilled, and moral life. It is education that builds a person’s personality and behavior.

* Education is also required for personal, social, national, and economic development of a country and its citizens. It is what makes a human a good person in society and inculcates good thoughts and ideas and empowers their minds. It is the only wealth that never parts from us.

* Fortunately, education has started to gain its due importance in society and its respect from the people. It is achieved by the combined efforts taken by the government of India.

* Today, Tamil Nadu stands as one of the Indian states with a higher percentile of educated youngsters.

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